“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things,
and no good thing ever dies.”
- Andy Dufresne, Shawshank Redemption.

Majoring In Industrial Design, 1994-1998.
In Chang Gung University.

MY First Award from Apple
Thanks to Apple and IDN.
I earned the Award from Apple & IDN in Hong Kong. Given that, I began my journey, and very soon after, I earned my first job.
-- 1998.
MY First
Financial DESIGN
Thanks to REUTERS.
This is a fantastic opportunity for me to design a new cutting-edge financial software, and I learned so much UI/UX experience from the REUTERS product manager, Kavin.
-- 1999.
MY First
BANK Website
MY First
Thanks to Nokia and Bets Worldwide Advertising.
This is a super milestone for me. I learned the worldwide experience of how to use Spin Strategy Thinking to discover any possibility of designing a new product.
-- 2000.
Banner design For
Macromedia / microsoft
Nokia / mastcard...
MY First
Thanks to PTI CEO, Edward.
With full trust in me, the CEO gave me a big challenge to handle and design his new product including industrial product design, web design, and advertising design. Since then, we have collaborated for 14 years and won one client after client in the world.
-- 2002-2015.
MY First
Headquarter DESIGN
Thanks to Zaracom CEO, Lisa.
This is my first time designing the headquarters brand and website. And we made it! The AI startup, Zaracom, won funds from the University of Maryland, and IBM.
-- 2004-2008.
MY First
Car Navigation
Thanks to Polstar General manager, Mark, and RD Leader, Roger.
We created a ton of iterative products during the rising of car navigation industry, and collaverated together for years, and won the clients: Toyota, BMW, Benz, Volkswagen, Mazda, Nissan... and so on.
-- 2007-2014.
MY First
Novel App
Out of curiosity, I took the initiative to study Object-C computer language, and then learned self to code my first app of my first novel. After publishing it to Apple's iTune, it standed on the Top1 for a long time.
As a beautiful result, this inspired my writting talent and drawing skills strickingly.
-- 2011.
Shopping mall
In retrospect, this is my first time getting involved in an agile design process and co-working with two senior developers. One had been an Apple senior developer; the other one, a Sony developer. We crafted the online cosmetic brand of KISSME, for months. I enjoyed the journey, and it's my second experience that designed an online shopping mall.
-- 2011
The world's first
custom glove HTML5 Design
When working with the prior Google employee, I had ever thought about crafting a new website based on HTML5. After my survey, all of the custom glove websites(such as Wilson) were built on Flash and outdated (in 2013). I proposed to take the new generative tech, HTML5, for crafting the new glove website. Successfully, I defined thousands of glove parts and prioritized them into different levels for programmers. And the ultimate outcome is that I built the first custom glove website based on HTML5 in the world.
--2013, Bravo!
The world's first
Ecosystem Social Media Design
This is the biggest project in my life. It took me almost a year to create a whole new sporting ecosystem for users, including Apps, sporting website, shopping mall, iron watch design and production, user-data analysis, user-behavior analysis, user-journey analysis.. and more. In short, I like these users saying: 'Hey! We have a beautiful home now!'
-- 2014
My first
on Amazon
Cool! I published my first English novel on Amazon!
In order to learn English writing, I spent months after months meeting and consulting with my American tutor. I tried all my heart to translate my novel into English. After one year, I made it and published it on Amazon. And then, I met many authors and made many friends in the world. This experience reminds me -- "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."
-- 2017
My first
Department Head
Thanks for inviting me to join the big family, LAT.
After almost two decades, I come back to the data branch of the biggest media corp. in Asia. And responsible for the UI UX department. As a department head, I am proud of meeting our goals and reaching the accomplishment. Thanks to all of my team members and partners!
-- 2018-2020
“The journey continues,
and the story never ends in curiosity.”